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Terms of use (template)

These Terms of Use are applicable to all users of this <<service>>. Users should read, understand and accept these Terms when accessing this <<service>> If a given user has not done this, or does not agree with the contents of these Terms of Use, that user should not create an account on the Website and should not make use of any of the services provided via this <<service>>.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the user enters into an agreement with <<service provider>> made up by the contents of these Terms, in order to regulate the user’s access and use of the <<service>>. Users which accept these Terms of Use hereby represent and warrant that:

  • They accept to be bound by these Terms of Use, either individually, or in representation of an organisation;
  • They are at least 18 years old;
  • They are capable, under the terms of the law applicable to them, to be legally bound by and comply with these Terms of use;
  • Their use of the <<service>> will be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

In the event of doubts concerning the Terms of Use, <<service provider>> may be contacted at: <contact@service.provider.eu>.

For information on the processing of personal data on users which is carried out via the <<service>>, please see the <<privacy policy>>

Services provided

<<give here a list of services provided, with a single paragraph explanation>>

Copyright / Intellectual Property

Users of the <<service>> <<insert here specific IP elements>>.


<<enter here liability elements>>