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Basic Information


Name: NanoCrystal

Resource Organisation: BRFAA

Resource Providers: GRNET


Marketing Information

Description: NanoCrystal is a novel web-based crystallographic tool that creates nanoparticle models from any crystal structure guided by their preferred equilibrium shape under standard conditions according to the Wulff morphology (crystal habit). Users can upload a cif file, define the Miller indices and their corresponding minimum surface energies according to the Wulff construction of a particular crystal, and specify the size of the nanocrystal. As a result, the nanoparticle is constructed and visualized, and the coordinates of the atoms are output to the user.

Tagline: NanoCrystal is a novel web-based crystallographic tool that creates nanoparticle coordinates from any material crystal structure.



Classification Information

Scientific Domain[1]: Engineering & Technology

Scientific Subdomain[1]: Materials engineering & Nano-technology

Category[2]: Software

Subcategory[2]: Platform

Target Users[3]: Researchers, Research groups, Research project, Research organization, Students, Innovators, Business

Access Type[4]: Virtual

Access Mode[5]: Free

Tags: Crystal, equilibrium-shape, surface-energy, nanoparticle, nanocrystal, Wulff-morphology, Wulff-construction, nano-technology, crystal-structure, crystal-habit, crystallography

Management Information

User Manual:

Terms of Use:

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Geographical and Language Availability Information

Geographical Availability: Worldwide (WW)

Language Availability: English (EN)

Resource Location Information

Resource Geographic Location: Greece (EL)

Contact Information

First Name: Zoe

Last Name: Cournia


Organisation: BRFAA

Maturity Information

Technology Readiness Level: TRL9

Life Cycle Status: Operation

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Attribution Information

Access and Order Information

Order Type: Fully open access

Financial Information