Helpdesk procedures

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Submitting tickets

Users submit a ticket either by sending a mail directly to the helpdesk mail address, or through the helpdesk form.

Responding to ticket

When a ticket is submitted to helpdesk, the following series of steps happens:

  • When the ticket is submitted, the user is automatically informed of its creation by the system.
  • The ticket is routed into the appropriate queue by the first line of support.
    • The first line of support also sets the ticket state to open.
    • The first line of support sends the acknowledgement of the ticket to the user who submitted it, and sets the ticket state to open (using the web interface). E.g.
      Dear <NAME_OF_THE_USER>,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Your message has been received and someone from the support team
      will get back to you shortly.
      Your NI4OS-Europe helpdesk team,
  • Agents subscribed to the queue are notified by mail that a new ticket is created.
  • Agent respond to the ticket by replying to the e-mail by which the system notified them of the ticket. E.g.

We've looked into the issue with <SERVICE_NAME> you've reported and
taken the following steps to resolve the issue:
Please check and let us know if the service is working for you now.

Your NI4OS-Europe helpdesk team,
  • When they resolve the ticket, the first line of support sets the ticket state to closed and the user is notified.