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Accounting Service

Accounting Login

The accounting service collects, analyzes and then provides information about the usage of services for example HPC usage, storage data, virtual machines data. The service provides information only related to NI4OS/EOSC services and is available to the project management team and the service administrators. The accounting data the user will be able to browse is represented by tables, charts and graphs. NI4OS accounting service is available at

NI4OS Login

You will be able to login using your NI4OS credentials by using the NI4OS Login button. In order to be able to use the service, you also need to be a member of a virtual organization. If you attempt to use the service without such membership, you will get an error message with instructions on how to join a VO. Once logged, you will be redirected to the accounting dashboard where you can start browsing the accounting data.

Getting Resource Key

Getting Resource Key

Once you have an account and you have been approved by the accounting admin, you can get your resource key by going to RESOURCES tab and choosing the appropriate resource type, for instance choosing HPC. Then you can see a config button on your HPC system row. Once you click it you can see the resource key. This key will later be used to upload data to the accounting platform.

Submitting HPC Data

There are two ways to submit your data to the accounting service: using the REST API or deploying the accounting clients that are provided for you. The clients will periodically submit data to the accounting service automatically.


Adding Storage Data

You can post data by making a post request using the parameters available at You will need your resource key and the post body needs to be an array of JSONs in the same format given in the API page.

Using The Clients

You can also use the accounting clients at The installation steps for each of those are shown on the same page.

Submitting Cloud and Storage Data

You can submit Cloud or Storage data by going to RESOURCES tab and choosing cloud or storage and then clicking on the add data button on the row with the name of your resource.

Using the Accounting Service

Accounting Dashboard

Accounting Data

Browsing the accounting data can be done from the accounting dashboard Once in the dashboard the user can choose what kind of data to search, the period and the way the tables will be formatted (for example have the table with country for rows and date for clumns), after pressing the show button the data will be displayed. All the information can be grouped by country, date, year, resource name, research community and application. The information displayed in the site is monthly. Also the data in the tables can be filtered and sorted.

Resources and Application Tabs

In the Resources tab the user can see each resource, its partner and country. And in the Applications tab the user can choose the group of the applications to see, their short name and their long name.