Technology Readiness Level

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TRL Code TRL Description
TRL1 Scientific research has led to observation and reports of basic principles which has evolved to applied research and development.
TRL2 Practical applications for the observed basic physical principles is found and reported.
TRL3 The most critical functions of the new technology is validated by using both analytical and experimental methods.
TRL4 The concept is tested to assure that the technical elements can be integrated together and achieve the desired performance, at a component and/or breadboard level.
TRL5 The components making up the concept is tested individually in realistic environment.
TRL6 A model or prototype of the concept, not individual components, is tested in a relevant environment.
TRL7 A prototype is tested in the environment in which the final product will operate, e.g. in the original NASA framework this meant to test the technology in space.
TRL8 The technology is built to the specifications of the final product and is tested in the operational environment alongside all systems it will interact with.
TRL9 At this level the technology development has been completed and the technology is performing as intended in the real-world environment.