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== WP4 T4.3 Tool ==
== WP4 T4.3 Tool ==
* [[ EOSC RoP Legal & Ethics Compliance - Description and Documentation ]]
= NI4OS-Europe policy documents and templates =
= NI4OS-Europe policy documents and templates =

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NI4OS services-related resouces

Pre-production environment

Resource portfolio management tool


NI4OS RPMT implements EOSC Profiles v3.0 and it has an extensive API available at https://agora.ni4os.eu/api/v2. It is tightly integrated with NI4OS-Europe AAI and in order to get access one needs to login and then send an request to be given the appropriate rights as a Provide Admin or a Resource admin. More info on how to add resources in agora can be found at

Configuration Management Database


Authentication & Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) service

Monitoring service


On-boarded resources

Thematic services




WP4 Tools

WP4 Dataset License Clearance Tool

WP4 T4.3 Tool

NI4OS-Europe policy documents and templates

COVID-19 resources