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Hands-on workshop organization procedure

Plan the event

Setting up training workshop agenda and registration

  1. request an account and new training event on events platform (INDICO agenda system) from the training task leader (sonja.filiposka@finki.ukim.mk)
  2. add other event managers as necessary
  3. follow the provided template in order to preserve layout consistency for all events
  4. contact trainers and define training schedule
  5. provide trainers with access to training platform (see next section)
  6. provide agenda and other necessary info in the agenda system
  7. reserve training room and infrastructure if necessary
  8. open registration for trainees and set registration close date
  9. change visibility of event to public (protection tab)
  10. inform training task leader so that the information about the new event can be announced on the NI4OS-Europe website
  11. advertise event to all relevant stakeholders

Preparing training material on training platform

  1. Request a new training course on the training platform from the training task leader (sonja.filiposka@finki.ukim.mk)
  2. Change the training course settings if needed
    • make sure the course can be accessed by registered users only (manual enrolment)
    • the course should have no end date
    • refer to provided manuals for course management in Moodle
    • contact training task leader in case you need help or support
  3. Add other trainers to the course if needed
  4. Put the training courses content by adding files, web links and pages, SCROM packages, etc.
    • training materials can be added during and/or after the event as needed
  5. Provide feeback form to be completed by trainees after the event has finished
    • the feedback form should become active at the end of the event and remain open for the following 2-3 weeks

Just before event

  1. Make sure the training platform is complete with all training materials necessary
  2. Inform training task leader when the registration is closed so that all registered trainees get access to the training platform
  3. Welcome the trainees to the course using the announcements module in the course
  4. Prepare the venue

During the event

  • add/change course content as needed
  • add photos from event section to the course where photos will be uploaded

After the event

  1. Using announcements module kindly request trainees to fill out the now active feedback form in the next 2-3 weeks
  2. In case of updated content of the course after the event has finished, use the announcement module to inform trainees about course changes
  3. Using announcements module send a reminder for feedback form to enrolled trainees

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